Tricone bits 2-24"
Drill bits with diamond cutters
Drill pipe, drill locks
Two, three-bladed bits

Team Dolota.By

Rock (drill) bits, drag bits, PDC bit of Russian, Ukrainian and foreign production at prices below the factory by 40-70%. We are of the presence or in the shortest possible time (7-10 days) to supply cone bits of all sizes.


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Major manufacturers of roller cone bits


ОАО Волгабурмаш

Выпускает около 800 различных типоразмеров буровых шарошечных нефтегазовых долот диаметром от 74,6 мм до 660,4 мм.

ОАО Уралбурмаш

В настоящее время предлагает к поставке более 200 типов шарошечных долот диаметром от 75 мм до 295,3 мм.

ОАО Дрогобычский Долотный Завод

ОАО «Дрогобычский долотный завод» является единственным в Украине предприятием по производству шарошечных долот, расширителей, калибраторов.

ЗАО Гормаш

Долота ЗАО «Гормаш» относятся к долотам корпусного типа для горнорудной и нефтяной отрасли.

Features cone bits

Cone thread

The outer cone connecting thread (nipple)

SECTION (foot) drill bit

Depending on the design, cone shell is divided into sectional and housing.


The sectional housing is welded from separate (two, three or four) sections (paws), trunnion mounted to ryh-cutter; in the hull - cast casing, welded to his feet with mounted in their journals cutters.

bit Support

Support in the process of rotation of roller cone transmits thrust from the drill string through the journal and rolling elements armament cutter while it is in contact with the bottom of the hole.

Teeth cutters

There are the following types: T - for drilling hard rock, TK - hard abrasive rocks, K - hard rock, the OK - very hard rocks. The M - drilling for softwood, the Ministry of Health - soft abrasive rocks, C - rock Wed. hardness, NW - abrasive rocks Wed. hardness.

Benefits of PDC bits


drilling rate

The high penetration rate, 5 times faster than roller cone bits!

wear resistance

High wear resistance - 3-5 replaces tricone bits!

For information

Benefits of PDC bits

Special spherical profile diamond cutter, preventing chips and designed for hard rock drilling more.

Mounting the diamond layer to the cemented carbide substrate "herringbone", excluding chipping.

Chisel successfully used small-sized drilling rigs etc. When drilling: soft, dense, low abrasive rocks, quartz sandstone, limestone, dolomite, as well as the very hard rocks and granites. The body has a bit superficial hardening. Material cutters - polycrystalline diamond cutters